Trufflenut Laajawab Cheese Lavash |Baked Not Fried |Made of Pure Butter |No Preservatives | Pack of Two


Masala Lavash is a warm, crispy, buttery, and flavorful flatbread that is baked to perfection. It is a healthier and more delicious option than regular fried and greasy nachos. The pure butter and cheese melt in your mouth, creating a rich and savory taste. The crunch is satisfying, and the masala spices are blended together perfectly, creating a mouthwatering blend of flavors that are spicy and tangy. Made with only pure butter and cheese, Masala Lavash is a natural and healthy snack that offers the perfect combination of crunch, flavor, and health.


Introducing our mouthwatering Trufflenut Laajawab Lavash Cheese Flavor, made with pure cheese and absolutely no preservatives or chemicals! This is not your average lavash – it’s the best you’ll ever taste. The pure cheese flavor is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Enjoy Trufflenut ¬†Laajawab Lavash Cheese Flavor with some hummus or your favorite dipping sauce to really take your snack game to the next level. It’s the perfect addition to any tea or coffee break, and you’ll love that it’s baked and not fried, so you can enjoy it guilt-free. Say goodbye to oily snacks and hello to our delicious, cheesy Lavash. Don’t miss out on this irresistible snack that’s sure to become your new favorite!

At Trufflenut bakery, we pride ourselves on making ¬†Laajawab Lavash Cheese Flavor fresh to order. This means that you’ll receive your snack straight from the oven, without any harmful effects from sitting in a packet for too long. You can enjoy the full flavor and goodness of Trufflenut Laajawab Lavash Cheese without any compromise.

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